About FDAMap

Making Regulations Easy...

FDAMap is a group of experts in healthcare and food regulations, business, and public policy in the US, Europe, Asia, South America, and most other parts of the World.

A Full-Service, Global CRO

With a collective experience of decades in each area. We strive to create awareness, education, professionalism, and success in all areas of compliance, quality, and project management.

We work with professionals, regulators, and government agencies to build unique platforms for regulatory submissions, clinical trials, quality assurance, consultation, training, and professional development. We strive hard to make high quality, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and partners alike.

We keep things simple and straight-forward, give equal attention to praise and criticism both, so that we meticulously continue doing the things we do well and improve where required. We aim to build better platforms for interactions for experts and novices, alike, enabling them to come together to learn, contribute, succeed, and make a difference.

The Official business name is Brij Strategic Consultations, LLC, a Maryland Limited Liability company, Doing Business Under our registered trademark, FDAMap. More information about us can be viewed at www.fdamap.com. 

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FDAMap - Core Values

Client Service

Delivering quality, creativity, innovation, and value to every client every day; clients as partners


Hold oneself and others accountable; own the outcomes

Mutual Respect

Act with integrity; lead by example; communicate candidly


Passion and purpose for what we do

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FDAMap provides a comprehensive range of FDA services to companies regulated by the US FDA, EMA, and similar agencies.