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We are very fortunate to have formed excellent working relationships with our clients. We have formed true friendships. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

What people say about us

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“Very engaged and helpful instructor. Mr. Kumar made the course very comfortable and open. Most useful to beginners and some tips for advanced users.”
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Medical writer
“I attended the FDA Audits and FDA Meetings workshop and found it very interesting. The content surpassed my expectations. I hope to attend the GLP workshop in July.”
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Laboratory Project Manager
Argentine Company
“Dr Mukesh Kumar's content was solid. Very useful for new regulatory professionals and new technical writers. Answered all of my questions.”
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Senior Regulatory Manager
As a university professor, I found the workshop very interesting. It provided access to aspects of the regulatory industry which are vital to the pharmaceutical professional who wishes to reach new markets. I hope to attend the next meeting.
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Professor in Argentine University
The course has been truly of great benefit to us. Please include us in your invitations to other events you may host in the region.
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Pharmacist, Quality Control Specialist
Paraguayan Company
I must say that the workshop exceeded our expectations. We would like to keep in touch with you and receive information about future events related to training/updating FDA/EU.
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Quality Director
Argentine Company
The course has been very good and I am truly interested in keeping informed about future activities in Buenos Aires, as well as via webex.
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Quality Assurance Manager
Argentine Company
The workshop was truly of great interest and usefulness. Please let me know when you come back to host another event. I would be interested in clinical studies (GCP).
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Technical Director
Argentine Company
Instructor is very knowledgeable and good in explaining regs and guidance. Information provided along with soft copy of slide is a great idea and very helpful.
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Senior QA Manager
Large US Pharmaceutical Company
I really enjoyed the one day I was able to attend the workshop. It is not very frequently that one has the opportunity to listen to someone who has worked personally with FDA, explaining in a clear manner his experience. It was a truly enriching experience. It helped strengthen our criteria with regards to applying GMP rules in the Pharmaceutical industry as well as introducing new concepts.
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Quality and Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Argentine Company
For me the whole event was very good. I had no knowledge of the topic prior to this seminar. The presentation was excellent and the speaker was very knowledgeable and respectful.
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Quality Assurance Specialist
Medical Device company
I enjoyed the practical answers and lessons learned as shared by the presenter. Grateful for the sharing of presentation material (soft copy). Thanks to ComplianceOnline for timely response and communication. Variety of choices is extensive good and easy to register.
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Manager, Process Optimization
US Company
Overall a good general overview. The amount of interaction between the participants and presenter was good.
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Asst. Director QA, Clinical Packaging
Large Multinational Pharmaceutical Company
GMP expectations was the most valuable topic for me. Face to face interaction and networking was good.
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Director of Pharmacy
Large Multinational Pharma Company
Speaker’s knowledge was higher than I had hoped.
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