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Clinical Trial Services

FDAMap provides a comprehensive range of clinical trials, site certification, and patient recruitment services. 

For inquiries on FDAMap services, please contact call  at 410-501-5777 or write to info@fdamap.com

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Clinical Trial Services

Clinical Site Certification, Clinical Trial Recruitment, Protocol Development, Clinical Study Planning, Site Monitoring, Medical Writing, and Clinical Study Report Preparation. 

Clinical Site Certification

FDAMap’s one-of-its-kind training offers a one-stop solution to the above and much more. FDAMap’s “Clinical Site Certification” program is like no other in the industry to train and certify clinical sites. Our experts will train you and your staff on all the latest industry practices, FDA requirements, best business practices to run successful clinical trials. You can train all your staff in the convenience of your clinic or a location of your preference. We also offer group training options for multi-clinic practices. Prior to the training, the trainer will work with you to add customized content to address any of your clinic-specific concerns.


Clinical Trial Recruitment

Our recruitment services include:

Trial-customized multi-dimensional recruitment strategy report

Regulatory troubleshooting such as FDA and IRB approval

Recruitment ad design and FDA/IRB-approval

Traditional and social media campaigns

Toll-free communication access and call-center set-up for centralized pre-screening

Community liaison, patient-support group interactions

Full digital marketing campaign

24/7 trouble-shooting support available​

Regulatory Services | FDA Auditing | Clinical Trial Services

FDAMap provides a comprehensive range of FDA services to companies regulated by the US FDA, EMA, and similar agencies.